Crafting: Putting the WRONG into crafting with a paper cutter

Recently my household purchased a Silhouette electronic cutting machine, in theory it was a carefully considered purchase with no impulsive tendencies, theory is a wonderful thing.

The cutting machine can in theory be used for loads of things, it can cut various materials and can be used to make cards, personalised tshirts, more cards, airbrush stencils, more darn cards, wall art, did I mention cards, erm… like something that needs cutting out, seriously you have a mountain of cards and no one to send them to.

paper cutter

(Photo from

Anyway, parking the issue what you use your cut outs for you can cut out a variety of bits. You can find random pictures on the internet, you can draw your own or you can purchase pre-existing design from the Silhouette store.

For an easy life, and because there is a $10 store card included in the box, I thought seeing what was in the store could be fun and then I found the “easter bear dressed as lamb” – who appears to  be simultaneously violating and eating a bunny.

easter bear - wrong wrong wrong

The above image is designed by Stinkin’ Cute Paper Piecings and I’m very sure that they deserve lots of support… although I am really not sure that I want to send a card with this design on to anyone I like.

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