Film: ‘The Eagle’ – “I hate everything you stand for”

I am unsure if I was actually forced to read some of Rosemary Sutcliff’s book as a child, it sounds probable given I found one whilst clearing out. However I don’t recall anything about them.

‘The Eagle’ doesn’t have a plotline that sounds instantly appealing to me, in 140 AD some chap decides to wander into Scotland with his slave to see if he can find the Eagle that was lost (along with 5,000 men) with his father 20 years previously.

the eagle

It was the husband’s idea to watch ‘The Eagle’ and he really enjoyed the costumes. I was less convinced, for starters I feel that sealskin clashes with green body and face paint.

In terms of the acting I’d only previously seen Channing Tatum in ‘G.I. Joe’ where, bluntly, acting wasn’t required and nor was it really needed in ‘The Eagle’. However ‘G.I. Joe’ was far more watchable than ‘The Eagle’, which was just dull.

On the plus side I can’t recall the last time I got away with heckling a film this much!

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