Book: Melissa F. Olson’s ‘Sell-By Date’ – “Honestly, who goes to a bar to cry alone?”

‘Sell-By Date’ is a short story that starts before the first Scarlett Bernard trilogy (the Boundary Magic trilogy), Scarlett is an ok character and certainly her story was readable enough

However I really read the books for Molly, who was turned into a vampire about 90 years ago when she was 17 and is finding that being permanently stuck at that age is a bit vexing in the modern world; for example constantly being carded in bars and never being taken seriously by building contractors

sell-by date

If you’ve read the Boundary Magic trilogy – and you should, then you know that Scarlett and Molly end up as roommates; ‘Sell-By Date’ is the slightly more detailed version of how

It’s very short, however it’s fun hearing the story from Molly’s Point of View and it did encourage me to check out the new trilogy featuring Scarlett

I’m trying something a little new and actually including links – Sell-By Date

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