Iphone battery VS Five Finger Death Punch – at least my dog didn’t use it as a chew toy.

I have an iPhone 4s, it is my first smartphone and at the time I really didn’t that think I needed – or could justify, that much toy in a phone.

Much to my surprise I took to it like a duck to water, it turns out that I like being able to shop, bank, get voucher codes and check the weather using my phone! I’ve stayed true to my promise to not be one of those rude people who checks their phone in a restaurant – well not unless the other-half is already looking tempted!

So it was jolly irritating when my phone started to turn itself off randomly when it still had loads of charge left on the battery – 25% to 36%.

dog eats iphone via reddit.jpg

(Photo from Reddit)

Even stranger was that it wouldn’t turn on until it was plugged into the charged, but then showed the same battery percentage as when it turned itself off.

Restoring the factory settings – and then installing the backup, didn’t work – if anything it got a bit worse as 54% was now deemed crash-worthy. By now a bit freaked out and increasingly vexed, I made an appointment for the following day with the Genius Bar people at my local Apple Store.

The other-half suggested completely running down the battery to see if that reset the battery calibration, I queried how we could do this and the answer was face-time for over an hour whilst simultaneously blasting out Five Finger Death Punch’s latest album.

Five Finger Death Punch - 5FDP

(Five Finger Death Punch (aka 5FDP))

The phone did eventually go flat – although 1% lasted 40 minutes of abuse… we then charged it to 100%… by this point it was the wee hours of the morning so I went to bed with the intent of keeping the appointment at the Apple Store.

I hadn’t realised that the appointment time was more of a guideline – the store was heaving and there were a surprising amount of people turning up without an appointment who looked very confused that the world didn’t revolve around them.

There was a very sweet girl called Vittoria whose green iPad was working overtime in trying to find them slots. It was pretty therapeutic sitting on a desk (there were no free stools!) watching everyone run around, it was all the more fun because my phone had stayed on!

35 minutes after my appointment time should have been a very nice chap wandered over and poked my phone. He could tell me that the battery was over the 80% reliability threshold – apparently at under 80% reliability the battery can’t be trusted, replacing it would cost £45 ish (including VAT) but he didn’t recommend that just yet.

iphone smashed

(Photo from the internet)

He suggested resetting to factory settings and then not restoring from a backup, but generally couldn’t see anything wrong with the phone or explain the turning off tendencies. But he was very nice.

I don’t want to start again from totally clean factory settings unless I really have to, so at the moment I am in the midst of a few more cycles of running the phone flat then fully charging. I don’t want to commit to print if this tactic is working or even ponder the likelihood of success!

On the plus side, no matter what happens at least my phone screen is intact, unlike most of the people I know with an iPhone!

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