Time flies 

Time moves strangely if you don’t watch it – for example it feels far shorter since I last posted here than the dates reveal is really the case.

Contrastingly I am currently stuck on a course with a dull tutor and primative fellow students – time is dragging a lot

However it has let me plan my to do list… Not sure that will help me pass the exam though 


Food: Birds Eye Mashtags – Twitter on your plate

I have a confession, I’ve never understood the point of Twitter, all I see is risk.

Over the years I have come to terms that I have a smart mouth and certain things can trigger a short fuse to burn very quickly and very hot. Exercising willpower is a lovely idea but I find it easiest to avoid triggers instead.


One of those triggers is stupid people, I love urban legends but despise people who pass them on as real important things that people should thank them for sharing. This is probably due to the sheer number of co-workers who forward on emails – one woman even forwarded on a bomb scare for a local shopping centre and wondered why the police turned up to interview her!

I like the concept conspiracy theories but dislike when they are a thinly veiled excuse to commit liable. So odds are that if I joined Twitter I would give someone a piece of my mind within about 23 minutes and it could get ugly.


Birds Eye have apparently decided that the internet is worthy of condensing into a reformed (and heavily reprocessed) potato product. So it was with a healthy sense of omg wtf that I purchased some, heavily discounted, Mashtags, which consist of hash signs, @s, an asterisk and two mutated smilie faces.

They are like crap potato waffles and lack the rude word creation potential that makes alphabet spaghetti so fun. And I am still not joining Twitter.

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