Book: Todd Hargrove’s ‘A Guide to Better Movement: : The Science and Practice of Moving With More Skill And Less Pain’’ – “I am turning thirty next week, and I just want to go home, and grow oranges.”

I am still trying to finish Todd Hargrove’s book on moving better, it is a good book and I think it will be useful – but I am having to concentrate to take it all in and then work out how to apply it to my knee.

Buying the book was a side effect of my ex-yoga teacher pointing out the Better Movement website to me, I liked the website – although I am still trying to read it all and the one that really struck home was the article on Fatigue is an emotion

It mentions an article by Tim Noakes where the basic idea “is that human exercise capacity is not limited by a failure of the body, but is instead regulated by the brain to ensure that such a failure does not occur.”

So when you get tired and feel like stopping it is your brain telling you to because it doesn’t want you to hurt yourself, this same brain trigger can make your brain scream “PAIN” without there actually being pain – at least not pain pain.

I have a strong feeling that this is me, my brain knows how trashed my knee was (is) and how much it hurt when it was bad, so it shouts immediately that I start doing something. And on things which I know have resulted in my being really hurt (aka running, leg press machines) I listen to my brain and stop.

One things that the website comments on this article mentioned Charles A. Garfield’s 1984 book ‘Peak Performance: Mental Training Techniques of the World’s Greatest Athletes’ which looks at the Soviet and East German sports training programs and the mental conditioning tactics – specifically the visualization stuff.

I am unsure if I am open minded to weird stuff, I find it interesting but I don’t really believe. So I wasn’t too hopeful when I tried the visualization of running a kilometre whilst staying (relatively) relaxed and without my knee screaming. I focused on the distance increasing by 0.1 until I got to 1K and it was ok – not great but ok.

The next challenge is to try running a little further with visualization and to find the book!

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