Halloween Nails – I wish that every day was Halloween

It would be lovely if every day was Halloween and I could wear flamboyant nails without scaring too many Clients, however in the real world I have a short time-window where I can get away with it – so every nail counts!

Even with the Halloween grace period there is a balance to be sought between cute and scary. For examples these are too scary to get away with at work and would be really hard to coordinate with any outfit.

halloween nails scary

(Photo from some TArt)

These are possibly too cutesy, I can’t exactly work out why there is a blue zombie rabbit!

halloween nails pumpkin

(Photo from a BlogSpot site)

The white is too stark for my tastes (and skin tone) – although the little spider is cute:

Halloween Nails spider nails

(Photo from PolishedLoveAffair)

I really love the purple, pink and black contrast,  but there is a little too much white on the witch nails – maybe it is meant to be the moon? I also think that one witch would have been sufficient.

halloween nails

(Photo from a Buzznet site that seem to have taken it from somewhere else judging by the watermark – which I can’t clearly read)

I often have mixed feelings about textured nails but these provide an interesting contrast to the cute black and white skulls. They are also work-friendly if no one looks too closely!

Halloween Nails - black and orange

(Photo from becomegorgeous – although looking at the watermark I again suspect this has come from elsewhere!)

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