Garden: Wood Chippings

It transpired that the lovely green ‘lawn’ that made up our backgarden was 92% moss and 8% random weeds.

This meant that I when I started trying to improve the condition of the lawn with a rake it quickly became obvious that there wasn’t enough grass content to improve. So I ended up digging up most of the garden.

This left us with a rather large view of under-nourished bare soil, which isn’t the prettiest thing in the world and isn’t great for when I randomly decide to buy a new plant.

wood chips

(Picture from B&Q)

So the mission was to add some nutrients back into the soil and to make it look less glaringly bare. It was amazing how far 50 litres of compost doesn’t go, even though my garden isn’t very big I’ve used at least 300 litres and the soil still sucks. This is where wood chippings come in, they are biodegradable mulch which will rot and improve the level of nutrients in the soil as they do

The added beneficial side effects are it should help moisture retention if we ever get any sunshine, it should help deter weeds and I think wood chips look pretty – at least compared to the bare soil!

The main thing I had to be careful of was to keep the wood chips away from direct contact from the stems of trees or shrubs (aka anything that has a wooden trunk) as that isn’t good!

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