Nails: Candy Cane – Done well these can be the icing on the cake

I am still not organised enough to admit it is Christmas so soon, but in my opinion stripy nails are funky and shouldn’t be limited to Christmas.

For example these are wearable at any time of the year, but the gold adds a Christmas-vibe if you want to read it that way.

candy cane nails - littlebearcakes

(Photo from littlebearcakes)

The white in these next nails is a bit broad for my tastes, but I love the glittery red – although there is no way to blag that these are anything except candy canes!

candy cane nails pynkmag

(Photo from Google, seemed to be from pynkmag dot com, which doesn’t exist right now, there is a watermark but I can’t actually read it clearly so give me a shout if anyone knows who did these).

The following are purely for Christmas, there is no way you could pretend otherwise! I am not too sure about the stripes – the very free-hand style doesn’t work in red and green (at least not on the white base) and the holly adorned nail looks a little out of place. Perhaps if the rest of the nail of white too it might work better.

candy cane unavoidably festive

(Photo from gracekingsleymua)

The trick to tasteful and adaptable candy cane nails seems to be to keep them simple and don’t overcomplicate them. And don’t use a green glitter background as it is really unforgiving if your lines aren’t perfect.

candy cane nail green glitter

(Photo from ThatLeanne)

One thing I am increasingly noticing is that I am not alone in finding it hard work to getting my nails looking perfectly matched in length and shape. Unfortunately it is necessary in order to really showcase your mani, so I will have to keep practicing!

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