Film: ‘The Last Stand’ – “I got a psychopath in the Batmobile”


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to acting was a cause for excitement in my household – at least for me!

I was a little concerned about a presence of Johnny Knoxville as I’d seen 15 minutes of ‘Grand Theft Parsons’, that combined with the inevitably B movie plot ensured meant that it could be hit or miss.

the last stand

The plot has Arnie as a Sheriff in a small town after leaving a higher profile role in less-than-super circumstances. Due to a slightly contrived and implausible series of events a criminal escapes from FBI custody ends up speeding towards this small town in a fancy car.

The town being the last stop before the Mexican boarder – not that the criminal wants to stop. Arnie and his guys are side-lined by the more  centralised law enforcement and basically told to stay out of the way, however this is a B movie so no prizes for guessing what happens!

From the single viewing so far I enjoyed this film far more than I dared hope! Although it isn’t Arnie’s strongest work it was a solid return from the wasteland that is politics.

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