Nobody can be uncheered by a balloon trying to sell you something!

Hot Air Balloon are fun, there is no denying it, they somehow elicit childlike glee and yet have an edge of danger who those who have issues with heights – or realise they are standing in a glorified wicker basket held in place by a few wires and carabinas below a large quantity of cloth filled with explosive gas.


So for a couple of reasons I haven’t been up in a few years, but sometimes I miss the feeling of flying, of drifting and having absolutely no control.

Personal balloons can be very pretty, but commercial ones, the ones that have been commission by companies wanting to brand the skies can be spectacular – and effective!

A.A. Milne said “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon” and as there are too many great  designs to choose between here are pictures of three random ones!

Drinkers young and old – feast your eyes on this!

Source – US Hot Air

It may fly through the air but too much will give you a spare tire…

ben and jerry's

Source unknown.

So much better than the film


Source unknown but copywrite of Walt Disney Studios (Walt probably isn’t cryogenically frozen under the Pirates of the Caribbean ride)

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