Monday already?

It’s become Monday a little too quickly!

I’m not organised yet, I didn’t do plank at the weekend or use the form roller which I really need to nor did I sort out a post for today!

However The Guardian have an interesting interview with Simon Pegg which helped me understand why I didn’t like his films from the past decade and a bit so that’s handy


Strawberry mutants

I’m not sure why however there seem to be a lot of oddly shaped strawberries growing at the allotment this year

This is one that doesn’t look too much like male body parts

we have so many strawberries – mutant and otherwise, that I need to check how best to freeze some pretty ASAP

Book: Cecilia Dominic’s ‘The Mountain’s Shadow’

I skim-read this book during gym workouts and still founding woefully wanting in terms of plot and character development

Joanie isa public health researcher who screws up her personal life (screwing your married boss is stupid – sorry) and goes to the middle of nowhere an elderly relative she barely knows dies and leaves her their huge house

She takes her best friend – who is a bad friend, with her, meets some unlikeable men and badly investigates missing children

I strongly suggest avoiding this book

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Somehow more time ran away despite my good intentions

I’ve got my horribly stressful course out of the way so that’s helpful

The gym I go to is closing so that is not helpful

In theory I don’t need a gym – I have free weights, a bike and trainers. What I need to get better at is making the time

On a happy note I know that stepping lunges, stepping backwards lunges and side-steps with touching my foot are things I need to do more as I ache slightly today

Although that could have been doing bridge with feet inverted slightly so the heels touch, that was surprisingly hard

Low on time and energy

Lately I’ve had good intentions and little time or energy

It’s nothing major triggering this, just a combination of stuff – an annoying course coming up that I have to travel for and get up early for, my manager is being odd, my company is being iffy, I want more time – and space, to do things I want, plus sometimes my darling spouse can be a little vexing

I’m sure I am also vexing, so I will try harder not to be – both vexed or vexing

I also need to use my time more wisely, not entirely sure how to do that!

Revisiting forgotten albums

There is a cd coming out soon that I probably want a physical copy of, so I needed to make some space to fit it on the limited space permitted for CDs

To do this I dug out a few albums that I couldn’t remember, turns out there was a good reason for this so I now own less PoisonBlack and Breaking Benjamin albums!

Happily I did also find Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Pretty Hate Machine’, it’s dated as anything however still fun!